Our people and machines work together to delivering accurate milling and turning work. Based on your specifications, we will make sure you get what you ask for, on time of course. Where necessary, our employees can support you from the initial idea to the end product. Our CNC machining services ensure that you will receive the desired end-result.
Specialists in plastics processing

SC Plastteh SRL is one of the biggest distributors of technical plastics (Polyamide, POM, PTFE, Polyethylene, PEEK, etc.) in Romania. We represent reputable companies as Traid Villarroya from Spain, Ensinger and Rochling from Germany.

Because many of our clients have requested also finished parts, we opened our own production workshop for mechanical processing in Cluj-Napoca.

With a young and experienced team, we support our customers with a range of products and services designed to meet their needs, while also taking into account the reduction of maintenance and repair costs.

Also we have experience in assembling machined parts for customers in a number of different industries.

Material that we process: steel, stainless steel, aluminium, plastic, copper, brass,  etc.

We can assure also different surface treatments.
With attention to detail combined with quality personnel and assemblers we can coordinate a full supply chain efficiently and with less cost.
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Quality Without Compromise

The ability to deliver precision machined parts demands an integrated quality control and quality assurance system.
Each stage of our manufacturing is controlled by a standard flow of information. From the material that we receiv to in-process inspection to a final detailed inspection report, our quality system ensures your parts meet or exceed your requirements.

All parts will be delivered as follows:

- draw with numbered quotas;
- measurement reports;
- material certificates;
- other documents upon request.
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